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Chocolate Brown Cat Breeds

Hardy vigorous strong and big. Cute cats cat breeds brown cat pet breeds cats havana brown chocolate cat havana brown cat cat pics havana brown cats pet health insurance tips the havana brown cat is a rare breed.

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You can find these cats in shelters and rescues so remember to always adopt.

Chocolate brown cat breeds. The havana brown cat is a breed of solid chocolate colored cats that are exceedingly rare with an endangered existence. American havana browns generally derive from one champion sire quinn s brown satin of sidlo. Not only has it struggled to exist over the years it is the only all brown cat breed from nose to tail with the exception of its green eyes.

The york chocolate cat breed developed when a black and white spotted farm cat mated with a long haired black feline and produced a brown kitten. As the name suggests this breed is selected for its coloring which is chocolate brown lavender or a combination of the two. It is a farm cat in almost every way.

Roofspringer mahogany quinn was the foundation female in america and sildo s mother. These felines are known for being social affectionate and playful. Pretty catsbeautiful catsanimals beautifulcute animalsi love catscrazy catscool catscute kittenscats and kittens.

The male cat generally weighs a substantial 14 to 16 pounds females are a little less at 10 to 12 pounds. The word brown was added to the havana name when the breed was imported to the usa in 1956. Havana brown cat breed the breed was created or re created depending on the theory by breeding chocolate and seal point siamese cats with black domestic shorthairs and a limited cross with russian blues.

Interestingly the havana brown in the. The ideal york chocolate is a strikingly rich chocolate brown or lustrous lavender with a coat that has a glossy sheen and flows over body lines accentuating graceful flexible body movement.

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