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Exotic Cat Breeds List

Though many exotic cats require licenses to own some of the most exotic cat breeds out there can make great pets for the right owner. List of the best exotic cat breeds.

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In some other associations it s known as the exotic shorthair to differentiate it from the exotic longhairs that sometimes appear in exotic litters and are considered by some associations as a breed unto themselves.

Exotic cat breeds list. These cat breeds are from all over the world and you can tell by their looks and character that they are not exactly the cats next door. Most people barely know about regular cat breeds and have no idea that exotic cat breeds even exist. Savannah cat or ashera cat serval x domesticated cat chausie jungle cat x domesticated cat jungle bob jungle cat x pixie bob which is a domesticated cat breed bengal cat asian leopard cat x domesticated cat safari cat geoffroy s cat x domesticated cat usually egyptian mau or ocicat.

6 scottish fold. The cat fanciers association recognized the breed in 1967 and called it the exotic. The serengeti cat is another breed of domestic cat that is a hybrid of other breeds in the world today.

A long haired version called a somali is also popular. Out of all the exciting exotic breeds of cats and kittens that exist in the universe those on this list have been ranked as the best of the best. It comes from a cross between a bengal cat breed and an oriental shorthair breed.

And more surprisingly might even be able to be. With that said the serengeti cat is known for its alert and playful personality that is full of relentless energy. The balinese javanese and himalayan are all examples of this trend.

Furthermore many geographical and cultural names for cat breeds are fanciful selections made by western breeders to be exotic sounding and bear no relationship to the actual origin of the breeds. The exotic looking lithe abyssinian sports a wedge shape head large at alert ears and gold or green luminous almond shape eyes. The truth is that many cat breeds are extremely rare or are mixed with cats that are found in the jungle.

List of exotic cat hybrids. Slender and muscular this cat has a short dense coat that ranges from brown black silver or cream. Most popular exotic cat breeds.

2 british shorthair.

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