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Geertz Balinese Cockfight

Further reproduction prohibited without permission. Then the play is not about the bets anymore but that it is a dramatization of the hierarchical structure of the society.

Not Since Clifford Geertz S Deep Play Notes On The Balinese Cockfight Has The Publication Of An Anthropological Analysis Been As Eagerly Awaited A Antropologi

Notes on the balinese cockfight is an essay included in the book the interpretation of cultures written by anthropologist clifford geertz.

Geertz balinese cockfight. Geertz s essay presents a study and analysis on the balinese culture through the male s obsessive affiliation with cockfighting. Reproduced with permission of the copyright owner. Notes on balinese cockfight is an honest account of geertz as he discovered studied and theorized cockfighting in bali.

We were intruders professional ones and the villagers dealt. To the locals these fights represent an accumulation of status. The cockfight for the balinese people therefore according to geertz is a story they tell themselves about themselves this essay is an excellent example of an anthropological method described by the british philosopher gilbert ryle as thick description which elucidates elaborately on the reasons behind human actions.

A small place about five hundred people and relatively remote it was its own world. Moreover geertz posits as a central thesis in his article that the balinese cockfight is a kind of deep play a play in which the stakes are so high that it is irrational for men to engage in it. Geertz argued that the cockfight served as a pastiche or model of wider balinese society from which judgments about other aspects of the culture could be drawn.

Rival families clans and villages compete. Reproduced with permission of the copyright owner. Based upon his time in bali during the 1950s geertz writes about the cultural phenomenon of cockfighting.

The essay is divided into seven sections each describing a different aspect of the balinese cockfight. Through observation and contextualization geertz arrives at the thesis that cockfighting in bali serves as a necessary ritual where balinese men can explore their own humanity and see themselves behave extremely. Notes on the balinese cockfight h arly in april of 1958 my wife and i arrived malarial and diffident in a bali nese village we intended as anthropolo gists to study.

This fieldwork was the basis of geertz s famous analysis of the balinese cockfight among others. From harvard as well as publishing several successful books in the field of anthropology. Geertz conducted extensive ethnographic research in southeast asia and north africa.

Further reproduction prohibited without permission. While holding a position in chicago in the 1960s he would be director of a multidisciplinary project titled committee for the comparative studies of new nations. Notes on the balinese cockfight clifford geertz daedalus.

They raise and care for their birds as an expression of self worth and pride. Clifford geertz deep play. Clifford geertz s essay deep play.

It s a symbol of his virility the word cock is a phallic synonym in balinese just as it is in english. The essay which is considered geertz s most seminal work addresses the symbolism and social dynamics of cockfighting sabungan in balinese culture.

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