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Grey Fluffy Cat With Blue Eyes Breed

Their body is athletic medium boned and well proportioned. Persian cats contain much diversity within the breed perhaps most strikingly so this is because of the difference between traditional persian cats and those with peke face typing the latter resulting in various degrees of shortening of the nose and palate.

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The balinese has a silky flowing coat and gorgeously deep blue eyes.

Grey fluffy cat with blue eyes breed. They are incredibly sweet tempered sociable and enjoy being held which makes them an excellent choice for homes with children and or other pets. A nebelung comes with a pointed and wedge shaped head wideset ears and oval shaped eyes. The name ojos azules is a spanish translation of blue eyes.

A short dense coat. Here bennett gives us a close up view of some of her favorite blue eyed breeds. They have much energy.

Nearly all russian blues share some traits. The russian blue is another cat breed with a grey blue coat and belongs to the grey cat breeds. Still gotta love those smoky grays.

We are going to start our list of grey cat breeds with those which have blue eyes. The origins of the breed date back to 1984 when a tortoiseshell cat from a feral colony in new mexico produced a litter with intense blue eyes like hers. Unless you ve got breed papers on hand it s hard to prove that gray cat nestled on your lap is a true russian blue or a domestic shorthair.

The blue eyed birman is without a doubt one of the most adorable cat breeds. Devon rex with blue eyes. In 1992 there were only ten known examples of this breed and its spanish name translates literally to blue eyes.

The siamese has a lean graceful build with long legs and tails. Their name means creature of the mist in german which is a perfect description for their silvery blue grey long coat. This is one grey cat breeds with green eyes.

In addition to the cat breeds listed above who only come with blue eyes the breeds listed below can also have blue eyes depending on their coat colour genetics. The nebelung has a semi foreign build and weigh between five and 16 pounds. The blue eyes and long fur tail makes them adorable among kids too.

The breed may be mistaken for a russian blue save for the shimmering coat. They have gone on to produce litters with a variety of markings and they have perhaps the deepest blue eyes seen in any breed of cat. The ragdolls are large and powerful.

These fluffy felines have pointed coats and one very special feature white paws. Domestic shorthair or longhair. A cat breed recognizes by many cat lovers for their long haired coat and colours.

On the other hand their intelligent level and affectionate behaviour make it more suitable for a quality indoor pet. Possibly the best known of the blue eyed beauties these cats display wide set ears a wedge shaped head and vivid blue eyes in deep contrast to their darker fur. Their long hair is luxurious and fluffy with a ruff around their neck and a plumed tail.

Uniform gray fur which breeders and fanciers call blue with silvery tipping.

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