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Himalayan Blue Point Cattery Himalayan Blue Point Persian Cat

All cats kittens listed on this website are born bred and raised right here in our home 2 we do not import our kittens from china or any other county. Some registries may classify the himalayan as a long haired sub breed of siamese or a colorpoint sub breed of persian.

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Blue point himalayan kittens have whose blue coat color is confined to the points.

Himalayan blue point cattery himalayan blue point persian cat. Specializing in doll face persian kittens for sale since 1989 a rating with the bbb. The himalayan is a long haired cat identical to the persian with the exception of its blue eyes and its point coloration which was derived from crossing the persian with the siamese. We are a pkd genetically tested cattery with the documentation to prove it.

Rupert click here. Unlike its parent breeds the persian and the siamese which are considered natural breeds meaning they weren t created through human intervention the himalayan is a man made breed developed by crossing persians with siamese to bring in the color points and blue eyes of the. The feet ears tail and face mask.

All cats and kittens raised underfoot. The term colorpoint describes the overall coat pattern of a solid lightly colored body with darker color pooling at the points or extremities of the body. We take pride in the health and cleanliness of our cattery at paz 4 play.

Our himalayans are seal point chocolate point blue point lynx point and tortoiseshell point himalayan kittens for sale. Blue point himalayan kitten for sale. Dilute calico persian female blue lynx point male blue lynx point and white bi color female.

Karistakats cattery of hunterdon county new jersey cat breeder of purebred traditional dollfaced himalayan kittens for sale in a variety of colors. Himalayan blue point kittens. Nicknamed the himmy this cat must have the most names of any breed around.

The himalayan is a breed or sub breed of long haired cat similar in type to the persian with the exception of its blue eyes and its point colouration which were derived from crossing the persian with the siamese. We are ringworm free and felv fiv and pkd tested. Himalayan persian cats are also known as persian himalayan cats colorpoint or colourpoint persian colorpoint or colourpoint longhair himalayan siamese and even sometimes longhair siamese.

The world cat federation has merged them with the colorpoint shorthair and javanese into a single breed the colorpoint. Although similar breeds have existed for hundreds of years the colourpoint persian as they are commonly referred to in europe was only first introduced in the 1950s. The himalayan or himmie for short is a persian in siamese drag.

We are an open cattery specializing in persian kittens in oregon and have been a cfa registered breeder since 2001. Himalayan cats are actually a sub breed or colorpoint coat variation of the persian cat breed. What s in a name.

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