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Jungle Wild Bengal Cat

The purpose of this breeding was to obtain a cat with the disposition of a domesticated cat but with the wild and crazy markings of the asian leopard cat. The bengal cat is a domesticated cat breed created from hybrids of domestic cats especially the spotted egyptian mau with the asian leopard cat prionailurus bengalensis the breed name comes from the leopard cat s taxonomic name.

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Their golden shimmer comes from their leopard cat ancestry and their coats may show spots rosettes arrowhead markings or.

Jungle wild bengal cat. They are curious too they like to be in the middle of everything and they enjoy learning how things work. Facts about the bengal cat. Bengal cats love to climb and like their wild jungle dwelling cousins they seek high vantage points from which to view their domain.

They have a personality and physical characteristics of their own. Two passionate bengal cat breeders reveal lots of tips and information you should know about this beautiful breed. Bengals have a wild appearance.

In addition she wanted the bengal kittens being affectionate and tame in many other respects would resemble typical inhabitants of the jungle. And now the core of the breeding program included 8 females obtained from crossing wild cats with domestic short haired cats of brown spotted color. Bengal cats are a wonder of nature a kind and affectionate version of the large leopards found in the jungle.

Bengals originated from crossbreeding or mixing domestic cats with the wild asian leopard cat or prionailurus bengalensis a type of small wildcat or jungle cat.

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