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Korat Grey Cat Breeds

The korat also at times known as the si sawat or the good luck cat is an ancient breed named after the korat province of northeast thailand. It s a naturally occurring breed and is one of the oldest in the world.

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Are all gray cats russian blue.

Korat grey cat breeds. They have good memories and if you take them to a strange place they can return home on their own. The korat is a grey short haired cat with large green eyes. The benign british shorthair.

The robust russian blue. This breed was found in the ampur pimai of the korat province in thailand. What breed of cat is gray and white.

The korat is one of the grey cat breeds which is prided for its beauty and charm. The korat cat thai. Khorat malet si sawat is a silver tipped blue grey short haired breed of domestic cat with a small to medium build and a low percentage of body fat its body is semi cobby and unusually heavy for its size.

What is the breed of a gray cat. In the beginning there was a bit of opposition from cat lovers who thought korat cat is not particularly different from other blue shorthair cats but in 1975 this breed was recognized in the uk as well. Korat cats came to europe only in 1972 when they were imported to britain from us.

Korat is a small to medium build domestic cat breed originating from thailand. Are gray cats friendly. This slate blue grayish cat breed is short haired with a semi cobby body structure but is heavier when lifted as compared to their body size.

This native thai breed has aptly been described as having hair with roots like clouds and tips like silver and eyes that shine like dewdrops on a lotus leaf. The noble norwegian forest cat. It is an intelligent and playful active cat that forms strong bonds with people and is very vocal in a.

These animals are one of the most intelligent breeds on our list and they love to make it known to humans and require a lot of attention. Although he s not known for being talkative he is capable of making many different sounds from a chirp to a scream when he wants to get his point across. Choose the korat if you enjoy having a lap cat.

Although he can be bold with definite likes and dislikes the korat is generally a quiet cat who likes a quiet environment. It s heavy for its size and is intelligent and playful.

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