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Mammals Are Warm Blooded Animals Give Reasons

Mammals are warm blooded animals and most developed among the vertebrates. It also allows mammals to live in habitats where reptiles cannot live at all such as the arctic mountain tops etc.

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The terms warm blooded and cold blooded led to the belief that there are only two categories of body temperatures and that all animals are either warm or cold.

Mammals are warm blooded animals give reasons. Very few fungi can survive the body temperatures of warm blooded animals. Today warm blooded animals can live all over the earth even in cold areas and they remain active at night. Mammals give direct birth to their young ones.

However this is not correct because the temperature varies by species and other factors and it is also the reason why science rejects the use of this terminology. Why are mammals warm blooded. By comparison insects reptiles and amphibians are plagued by fungal infections.

Some examples of mammals are human beings dogs rats cows bats dolphins etc. Mammals suckle their milk to their young ones. Defense against fungi it has been hypothesized that warm bloodedness evolved in mammals and birds because it provided defense against fungal infections.

They also show intensive parental care feeding their babies and teaching them complex and smart behaviour. Being warm blooded gives mammals a distinct advantage in many habitats allowing them to be active when reptiles are hardly able to move.

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