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Mammals Milk Is Digested By The Action Of

Dairy milk may be introduced at later ages if tolerated well. The action of rennin causes small lumps or clots to form in the milk.

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In the small intestine it is digested into glucose and galactose by the enzyme lactase.

Mammals milk is digested by the action of. Molecules of lactase are located in the plasma membranes of cells lining the small intestine. The inactive pepsinogen is activated by hcl into active pepsin. In mammals milk is digested by options a rennin b amylase c intestinal bacteria d invertase correct answer.

This enzyme is especially abundant in the mucous lining of the stomach of young mammals and is extracted to be used in the. The chief protein of milk caseinogens. It curdles milk separating casein which is converted into paracasein n the presence of calcium.

Their young feed by latching onto the mother s nipples and sucking the milk. Milk may be made to curdle by adding an acid to it such as lemon juice or some other acid fruit juice or by the hydrochloric acid of the stomach. What evidence in the paragraph suggests that galactose is a monosaccharide 1 mark.

This paracasein is digested by pepsin. Although dairy milk may come from any mammal cows goats buffalo and sheep are. Action of pepsinogn.

This enzyme is especially abundant in the mucous lining of the stomach of young mammals. Protein digestion in the stomach can be summarized absent follows. Rennin changes the protein in milk so that it can be digested by another enzyme.

The ca present in the milk combines with casein to change it into calcium caseinate. An investigation was carried out to find the effect of ph on the activity of the enzyme rennin. This inactive enzyme found in young mammals is converted into active rennin by hcl.

Mammals on the other hand feed their young with milk that is produced in the mother s mammary glands. Milk is the liquid produced by the mammary glands of mammals including humans. Some mammals produce an enzyme called rennin.

An enzyme rennin curdles milk and caseinogens is converted to solid caseinogens is converted to solid casein. In young mammals milk protein occurs in the stomach. In the presence of calcium rennin changes irreversibly the casein of milk to a paracasein which is then acted upon by pepsin.

Normally the coagulation of milk in the stomach of a young mammal is done by an enzyme secreted by glands in the stomach and known as rennin. Be the first to write the explanation for this question by commenting. Mammals have no need for a crop in their digestive system because they feed their young a liquid which does not require the grinding provided by the crop in birds.

Breast milk is the preferred food for infants as it is well tolerated while their digestive tracts develop and mature. The coagulation of milk in the stomach of a young mammal is done by an enzyme secreted by glands in the stomach and known as rennin. 1 young mammals feed on milk containing protein.

In populations that drink milk the adults have more lactase perhaps through natural selection m ilk is the universal food of new born mammals but some hu man infants cannot digest it be cause they lack sufficient quantities of lactase the enzyme that breaks down lactose or milk sugar. The first step in the digestion of milk is that of coagulating or curding. Lactose is a disaccharide found in milk.

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