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Munchkin Teacup Small Cat Breeds

Munchkin cat care maintenance in comparison to other cats the munchkin cat breed is relatively low maintenance. From the latterit inherited a long thick fur and a lovable round face.

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Bambino a cross between a munchkin and a sphynx cat dwelf a cross between a munchkin and an american curl.

Munchkin teacup small cat breeds. It has the former s short legs. Also known as the minuet cat this mixed breed is derived from the munchkinand the persian. Daily for the long haired version once a week for the short haired version.

The munchkin is the founding breed of the chondrodysplastic short legged dwarf cat. Through outcrossing the munchkin with a variety of normally proportioned cats a substantial number of dwarf breeds have been developed. The major dwarf breeds as set by the dwarf cat association are as follows.

It is one of two real teacup cat breeds. The munchkin cat or sausage cat is a relatively new breed of cat characterized by its very short legs which are caused by a genetic mutation the munchkin is considered to be the original breed of dwarf cat. Much controversy erupted over the breed when it was recognized by the international cat association tica in 1995 with critics voicing concern over potential health and mobility issues.

All you need to do is brush their coat. Aside from their genetic leg mutation these cats are generally extremely healthy.

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