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Partition Of Bengal Drawing

Pakistan out of a single cultural geography and the drawing of boundaries radcliffe line disrupted the emotional cultural and spatial link of the people with the native countries. Bengal had in fact been partitioned by the then viceroy lord curzon in 1905 along with its adjoining regions.

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Partition of bengal drawing. A line drawing of the internet archive headquarters building façade. The first partition of bengal was a territorial reorganization of the bengal presidency implemented by the authorities of the british raj in 1905. An illustration of a magnifying glass.

On 20 june 1947 the bengal legislative assembly met to decide the future of the bengal. Cyril radcliffe kc a barrister from lincoln s inn london was put in charge of drawing up the boundary with the help of local advisors in punjab and bengal. An illustration of a magnifying glass.

First in 1947 bengal was divided into east and west bengal. The spark for the swadeshi movement was the british decision to partition bengal. An illustration of a magnifying glass.

Viceroy curzon s scheme ostensibly for administrative convenience to divide bengal into eastern and western provinces was indeed a major provocation. The hindus of west bengal who dominated bengal s business rural life complained the division would make them a minority in a province that would incorporat. The partition separated the largely muslim eastern areas from the largely hindu western areas on 16 october 1905 after being announced on 19 july 1905 by lord curzon the then viceroy of india.

The resulting eastern bengal and assam province with its capital at dhaka had a muslim majority and the west bengal province with its capital at calcutta had a hindu majority. A line drawing of the internet archive headquarters building façade. An illustration of a magnifying glass.

First the congress and political activity in general were strongest in bengal. West bengal remained as a part of india while east bengal got included into pakistan as a muslim oriented land. While the western front witnessed only the 1947 partition the eastern front that is the partition of bengal was a two fold affair.

The partition of bengal 1905 1911 item preview remove circle share or embed this item. Partition of bengal and assam 1932 1947 bid chakrabarty contour of freedom routledge item preview remove circle share or embed this item. However this partition of bengal was reversed in 1911 in an effort to mollify bengali nationalism.

The drawing of the boundary proved to be extremely contentious causing fear uncertainty and widespread death and destruction. The partition of bengal in 1947 part of the partition of india divided the british indian province of bengal based on the radcliffe line between india and pakistan predominantly hindu west bengal became a state of india and predominantly muslim east bengal now bangladesh became a province of pakistan.

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