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Persian Cat Angry Face

This causes their foreheads to kind of pull down in the middle giving them angry eyes and it causes their chins to scrunch upwards making their mouths look like they are in a little frown thus creating the grumpy look. The reason why some persian cats look angry or grumpy is because of the peke face features that were bred purposely to present a flat faced look where the forehead nose and chin are in vertical alignment.

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Angry persian tricolor cat roaring while trying to catch a pink ribbon.

Persian cat angry face. He s got lovely ginger and white fur and well an undeniably angry looking face. Headshot of a angry persian cat with a white longhair fur on a white backdrop. All this to finally answer your question.

Angry cat face stock pictures royalty free photos images. A persian cat with an angry expression sitting on a stair outdoor. Close up portrait of a grumpy tabby cat looking at camera.

In short they were born that way. The cat s furrowed brow and wide open eyes make him. Persian cat sheared in the beauty salon.

Louis is a six year old persian cat from austin texas. Portrait of a persian cat angry cat face stock pictures royalty free photos images. Isolated on black background.

Through the standards of breeding peke face persian cat facial features are all supposed to be in alignment with each other meaning that they get all scrunched up together.

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