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Persian Cat Doll Face Vs Punch Face

They seem to put a restriction on the development of an extreme look by saying that the upper edge of the nose leather should not be above the lower edge of the eye i e. According to breed standard a kitten with a doll face could not obtain a championship title.

I Am So Majestic For Someone Who Poops In A Box Persian Cat Doll Face Cats

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Persian cat doll face vs punch face. 84 views today. Likewise i talk to the doll faced owners and they said flat faced persians are unnatural and should be illegal. Persian cat doll face vs punch face persian cat doll face price in indiafish time hello friends welcome to fish time channel and today i am telling you per.

I was told by people who bred flat faced persians that doll faced persians are not considered beautiful and will be obsolete in the pageantry circuit very soon. Kitten persiancat punch face. We dedicate this page to helping you learn a little more about the beloved doll face persian cat that has without question become the most desired and designer feline of all times.

Persian kitten doll face available. Persian cat breeders who support maintaining the traditional doll face type of persian say health considerations are one of the strongest reasons to continue breeding for the original type. Not always the case with ultra persians.

42 followers personal blog. Doll face persian cats believed healthier by some breeders. The nose should be below the eyes.

So doll face persian cats can breathe easier than some other persian cats. Pages businesses shopping retail pet store persian cat lover videos. Doll face vs flat face persians the pet quality deemed designer quality by health standards.

Unlike peke faced persians these cats have a nose that extends outward. Kitten persiancat punch face. The traditional dollfaced persian while they are very sweet looking are not what the cat fanciers cfa tica the international cat association or acfa american cat fanciers association consider to be breed standard or of show quality.

Kitten persiancat punch face. They also experience less eye staining and eye drainage issues. Wcf world cat federation leave the choice open as to whether a judge leans towards the flat faced or more moderate faced persian.

Cant there be two categories. Its nose is a normal length which is proportional to the rest of its face. What is going on.

Persian cat ख बस रत suprb quality doll face and punch face kitten pets zoo7012234534doll face punch face kitten persian cat dillfacekitten petszoo. The extreme style of the show persian s head can lead to excessive tearing and that can lead to facial staining. Hi i was at a cat show recently and i looked at the persian cats.

This type of persian does not exhibit extreme features.

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