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Red Abyssinian Cat Colors

The ruddy abyssinians our little guys and gals are a soft rich coat of ruddy brown. Ruddy brown and chocolate brown are common variants.

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Each hair is ticked with shades of brown or black with a vibrant burnt orange color closest to the skin.

Red abyssinian cat colors. White cheeks are not desirable. Ruddy rich dark brown also known as usual or tawny blue the dilute of ruddy a slate blue gray cinnamon rich deep cinnamon red also called sorrel or red and fawn the dilute of cinnamon a pale tan. It is often described as a watered down or diluted variation of the ruddy coloring and is typically a copper red base shading with red brown ticking.

There are however 3 other colors silver chocolate and lilac. The coat is marked by a base of white silverfish grey color that is ticked with a black color. Photos pictures and images to show colors of aby cats and abyssinian kittens.

This is probably the reason why the cat fanciers association doesn t recognize this as an authentic color for pedigree abyssinian cats and only considers ruddy blue fawn and sorrel as the true colors of this species. Another fairly commonly found coloring among abyssinians is red or sorrel. Abyssinians were once known for dark patterns and quite rich coats from a purely color perspective.

The base color of the red aby is a bright apricot or yellow brown and the same color is on the insides of the legs and the underbelly. Ruddy red blue and cream. Red rapture the sweetest little girl.

White cheeks are not desirable. Ruddy tawny or usual the four most common colors of abyssinians are. Here are some examples of abytopia s blue abyssinians.

All images copyright by jean papo 2017 kittens home kittens 1 kittens 2 kittens 3 kittens 4. Brown on a red abyssinian slate blue on the blue abyssinian or light cocoa brown on a fawn abyssinian. Ruddy blue fawn and sorrel.

Blotched spotted and mackerel variants are now almost nonexistent because of selective breeding over a hundred years. The cat fanciers association the world s largest organization for pedigree cats will accept only 4 abyssinian cat colors. The stomach and inside of the legs are predominantly the copper red shading with no patterns or stripes.

Coup de foudre aka coopy a silvery blue. Almond shaped large brilliant and expressive. The most common colors of abyssinian cats are red ruddy cream and blue.

The four main abyssinian colors recognized by tica and other cat registration organizations are.

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