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Silver Bengal Maine Coon Mix

It can be hard to determine if your cat is a bengal mix or not because bengal cats share so many features with other cats. Maine coon and bengal cats are similarly sized breeds which makes them safe mating choice for the welfare conscious breeder.

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She looks just like a bengal.

Silver bengal maine coon mix. Their wild ancestry and intense intelligence results in a cat with lots of behavioral quirks. Das günstigste angebot beginnt bei 350. It s worth saying up front that while everything we know about bengal cat maine coon mix cats comes from scientific research and accurate reliable sources you can never fully predict how a cross breed cat will turn out.

The maine coon bengal mix is a cross between the maine coon and the bengal cat breed. Old cat does she is a cuddle bug though and loves her momma. Here we have 4 black maine coon rag doll mix breed kittens for sale currently 6.

We specialize in rare and new colour genetics highly typed european lined maine coons. If you are looking to feature the purebred bengal you will find a lot of images of my beautiful girl zoey. I have a 10month old 3 4 bengal 1 4 maine coon mix.

Entdecke 2 anzeigen für bengal mix kitten kaufen zu bestpreisen. But one thing for sure the look of your maine coon bengal mix will be a combination of maine coon and bengal.

I m getting a brown one just like her in 4 days because she really needs a playmate. Suche bengal kitten silver oder snow. W elcome to our small maine coons cattery located in trois rivières we hand deliver our kittens in quebec and ontario ship anywhere in canada united states internationally.

In summary how to tell if your cat is a bengal mix. In such a case then your kitten will be a little bulky with a big tail and fluffy ears. I really don t see any mc in her.

Instead of wondering what they are embrace your kitty s distinctive personality and appearance and let their behavior shine on through. Introducing the bengal maine coon cross. She is silver and spotted.

Our priority is to breed healthy and beautiful kittens with the most loving and people oriented personalities. Explore 7 listings for maine coon bengal kittens for sale at best prices. The cheapest offer starts at 350.

Hi i m looking for a silver maine coon will pay upto 1000 for the right one show me what you have jason. She is just laying around like my 11 yr. Chances are your cross will exhibit more maine coon traits than bengal or vice versa.

This cat breed is stunningly beautiful intelligent and eccentric. You can find me on facebook and look at all of my photo albums. I actually have eight cats 3 rescues one ragdoll one maine coon mix and one tortie mix a purebred bengal a purebred maine coon and three maine coon bengal mix.

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