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Smallest Domestic Cat Breeds

Singapura is smallest of all domestic cats in the world. Males 4 5 kg 8 8 11 lbs females 3 5 4 kg 7 8 8 8 lbs the singapura is the smallest domestic cat in the world and one of my favourite breeds.

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They have an adorable curly fur and unusual big ears and eyes compared to their head size.

Smallest domestic cat breeds. Smallest domestic cat in the world. This tiny breed only weighs between 4 and 7 lbs. Singapuras make great family pets and get along well with everybody.

Singapura may be the smallest breed but their body is muscular. They are extremely friendly outgoing sociable playful in curious intelligent lively affectionate. The devon rex is a breed from the united kingdom.

The devon rex is a small breed. In addition this breed has a lot of energy. As with most small cat breeds they are very intelligent.

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