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White Bengal Siamese Mix

The siamese kittens when they are born are all white colored or cream colored. The snow gene is quite rare so the first snow bengal breeders had to carefully expand the gene pool over the years.

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Snow bengals are the result of breeding regular bengals with siamese cats.

White bengal siamese mix. But gradually as the week progresses the points start to develop and only then you would be able to make out exactly what color is the siamese cat. Explore 26 listings for white bengal kittens for sale at best prices. A white bengal cat therefore receives 2 copies of the genetically identified snow gene cs cs for a lynx cb cb for a sepia and cs cb for a mink.

The only way to have a bengal kitten is the mating of a tica or acfa regisetred bengal to a tica or acfa registered bengal. Caroline admin karen thanks for your photo and story about nero. The albino gene in the siamese gene pool gives snow bengals their exotic coloring.

Breed information and traits. Spotted or bull s eye marble or rosette. Adorable bengal mix kittens only one left.

The bengal cat has a great many characteristics one of them being the bengal tabby mix personality. Bengal siamese mix. I must admit i ve never seen a cat like nero but i m sure you re right his parents or grandparents were probably mixed.

The cheapest offer starts at 200. In other words to produce white bengal kittens both parents must absolutely be snow or carry the snow gene in order to transmit it. 10 not yet neutered lilac point siamese female 119 lynx point siamese m white long hair siamese female with gray points 149 long silky fur.

Sometimes described as glittered coat patterns. It s very energetic and fun loving and will have many interests for you to pursue as well as plenty of playtime. No reputable breeder would ever have a siamese bengal mix and then cross that cat with a tica registered bengal because the result are no breed kittens.

In total there are 32 colors of siamese cat that have been accepted. Belsize park camden. Like a snow leopard the snow bengal has a light brown or white pattern.

Asian leopard cat prionailurus bengalensis and domestic tabby or siamese mix if of the snow variety coat type. Spayed medium hair bengal ragdoll mix more please inquire about adoption fees for other kittens. 8 15 pounds or 3 6 6 8 kilograms body type.

He s certainly got some siamese in him as for the rest it could be bengal or tabby or something else entirely. Ellesmere port cheshire west and chester. Maine coon mix orange and white long hair male.

If you are looking for an active and inquisitive pet with an innate curiosity to explore new things and places then the mix is for you. Long muscular and medium to large in size ancestry. All sold siamese x snow bengal.

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