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Your Not Fat Your Fluffy Cat

Log in sign up. Having two cats is similar to having one cat i e it s really not much more work or expense.

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Adopt a friend for fluffy.

Your not fat your fluffy cat. When you re just fluffy not fat from facebook tagged as grumpy cat meme. This breed came about as a mix between the siamese and the persian. But do bear in mind its coat requires daily brushing to keep it clean and.

Sign up for buzzfeed s this week in cats newsletter and you ll get all the cutest kitty news every friday. Build a catio picture a combination of a patio and jungle gym and what you have is a catio. They love attention and affection.

When you re just fluffy not fat from facebook tagged as grumpy cat meme coffee meme salt meme star wars memes you can do it meme. When you re just fluffy not fat from facebook tagged as grumpy cat meme. In fact having a second cat can actually save you work by providing your cat with more exercise through play.

In other words if you have a house full of children the persian may be the purr fect fluffy cat breed for your family. This fluffy cat sheds its coat in the spring and fall so plan on some extra grooming during this time of year. Can t get enough cats.

They re not fat they re fluffy. The norwegian forest cat is athletic and playful and loves to investigate high points in your house.

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