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Abyssinian Kitty

It is alleged that british soldiers deployed to north africa in the nineteenth century returned home with kittens purchased from local traders. It stands at about 2 ft.

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10 weeks breed.

Abyssinian kitty. Abyssinian kitten status. Blue abyssinian image credit. Abyssinian cats are medium size cats that weigh an average of 8 12 pounds for both male and female species.

The abyssinian cat sometimes referred to as aby is a medium sized cat with a long body developed muscles and a short to medium length coat. Available registered vet check health papers. Natural point male reserved.

The base hair the belly and insides of the legs are typically a pale cream color. Since there s no written evidence linking zula with today s breed some maintain. Home abyssinian cat health are abyssinian cats hypoallergenic.

A cat having a blue coat is somewhat of a misnomer and their coat is usually a deep steel grey that appears blue overall. Or 60 cm and can live up to 15 20 years or more depending on how you take care of its health. Even as adults they remain as active and playful read more 9 dangerous abyssinian cats diseases.

Blue male reserved. The abyssinian is a slender fine boned medium sized cat. A cat named zula was transported from abyssinia to england at the end of the abyssinian war in 1868 but whether zula was an abyssinian is subject to debate.

Tonkinese kittens date of birth. 5 most intelligent cat breeds to have as pets. If you are looking for a playful cat breed to bring at home then these 5 intelligent cats would be the best option for you to.

The abyssinian cat as it is known today was bred in great britain. Unlike many domesticated cat breeds abyssinians are extremely active playful cats that love to climb tall pieces of furniture play with toys and play interactive games with their cat parents. The illustration of zula shows a cat with very small ears and a head type unlike a typical abyssinian.

Abyssinians with blue coats have a dark soft blue grey coat ticked with a deeper blue. Some of the links pictures and or elements on this page may be affiliate links meaning at no additional cost to you i will earn a commission if you click through and make a purchase or take a qualified action. 1 17 21 ruddy males a male is available.

Abyssinian cats are healthy and active animals with longevity some breeds live more than 20 years. Abyssinian kitten date of birth. Abyssinian kittens date of birth.

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