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American Curl Breeders Uk

After waiting for almost ten years we finally took the plunge and attained our first american curl kitten. We were fortunate to find kathy falcone and procurl harem.

Overear Uk Based Breeders Of American Curl Cats

The american curl breed can be traced back to 1981 in california when a long haired cat with unusual ears caught the attention of cat lovers joe and grace ruga.

American curl breeders uk. It s important that their owner has time to give them attention as this breed doesn t enjoy being left out of the activity of the household. Although acknowledged by the fife and tica in the uk this feline is not yet recognised by the governing council of the cat fancy gccf. Curls go with the flow and are adaptable to all kinds of situations.

They are very intelligent and playful. The american curl while still an uncommon breed is found across the world in the united states spain france japan russia and many other countries. At the time of writing there are currently only 2 breeders of american curl cats in the uk so the chances of seeing one of these breeds is quite rare.

Today s american curls are all descended from shulamith. Thumper rascal turned out to be everything we were looking for in a curl. All american curl cats can be traced back to shulamith.

They are still relatively rare throughout the world and very rare in the uk. The american curl breed was born in california america in 1981. By 1986 the first american curl was shown and gained a lot of interest.

The american curl is a medium sized cat with curved ears. My name is claire winman and i started overear american curls in 2007. I am the foundation breeder of american curl cats in the uk.

Dog or cat breeder find the perfect family home for your new puppies or kittens join hundreds of uk pedigree breeders and create your own profile in minutes. About the american curl. The extent of the curl determines whether or not a cat the cat be bred from or shown in the usa cats with ears just turned back become pets those with slightly more curl can be used for breeding and those with full crescent curls can be shown.

The cat begged for a morsel of food and moved in with them soon afterwards. It is also not commonly seen in the uk and there are very few american curl breeders in britain. The american curl is not a man made or designer breed but the wonderful result of a spontaneous mutation giving them their enchanting ears.

His playfulness and personality is just off the charts as it should be. American curl cats can make good pets in uk if they match your iifestyie. American curls usually get along well with other pets.

This stray cat was adopted by a couple who named her shulamith and decided they would breed from her. A random mutation caused one particular stray kitten to have ears that curled backwards. Shulatmith is the ancestress of all american curls.

American curls like people they are friendly and have well balanced behaviour. American curls are sociable devoted and love attention.

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