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American Curl Curly Cat Breed

She found her way to the welcoming door of joe and grace ruga in lakewood california. Also they do not have any known genetic conditions.

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If you own one make sure to get them regular health check ups and you shouldn t have any problems.

American curl curly cat breed. The devon rex is a medium sized feline with large rounded ears big eyes and an upturned nose. It was born of a natural genetic mutation that first appeared in shulamith a stray black kitten with long silky hair and strangely ears that curled backward. However devon rexes which were mated with other curly haired cat breeds such as cornish rex often yield kittens without curly hair.

This beautiful and friendly cat comes from lakewood calfornia and is one of the youngest breeds in the world. Breeders tend to offer cats that have a less pronounced curve to their ear structure as pets. The american curl originated in the 1980s and is defined by its distinctive ears that curl away from their face.

Today the breed has become popular throughout the united states and has been exported to many other countries around the world. In addition to their signature ear shape the american curl cat is known for having a long luxurious tail. American curl kittens before you buy image credit.

Cats with curly hair are great companions first with other traits like coat type and size being less important factors but with these curly coated cat breeds the personality is the star and the waves come along for the show. As you might imagine american curl cats with very curly ears are often reserved as show cats. The breed originated in lakewood california as the result of a spontaneous mutation.

This breed originated from a town called lakewood in california and as the result of this mutation. The cfa thought the curled back ears were so attractive they set up a breeding program and they admitted them into the championship. Curly haired cat breeds have become very popular recently and include some of the most attractive and good natured cats in the feline world.

It s reflective of the energy and cuteness of this cat breed. The curl in these cats is a result of various mutations. American curl is a cat breed that includes both longhaired and shorthaired species.

The american curl is one of the youngest cat breeds. From 1983 cat fanciers began deliberately breeding curly ear cats and the new breed was named the american curl in 1986. The american curl is a breed of cat characterized by its unusual ears which curl back from the face toward the center of the back of the skull.

An american curl s ears should be handled carefully because rough handling may damage the cartilage in the ear. The american curl is a distinctive domestic cat characterized by its unique wispy ears that curl back creating an alert and elegant look similar to that of a wild lynx. Shorthaired american curly cat required a little more time to develop as the original curly cats were all long haired and short haired cats carry many hidden genes for long hair and have long haired kittens.

Although many cat breeds are susceptible to specific diseases the american curl breed health problems are limited to the usual dangers most cat breeds have.

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