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American Shorthair Guinea Pig Colors

The american rabbit breeders association an affiliate of the american cavy breeders association recognizes more than 20 colors of american guinea pigs in five groups for showing. American guinea pigs with their fine and short hair are often one single or solid tone.

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One of which will always be white.

American shorthair guinea pig colors. Self group beige black chocolate cream lilac red eyed orange red white solid group brindle roan dilute solid golden solid silver solid agouti group dilute agouti golden agouti silver agouti marked group broken color dalmatian dutch himalayan tortoise shell tortoise shell white and. They were originally known as the english shorthair and still are to some up until the 1960s when the american cavy. 1 origins 2 temperament 3 physical characteristics 3 1 color first domesticated in the andes mountains of south america in 5000 bc the american shorthair is the oldest breed of guinea pig.

Of course white is also a tone you will commonly see on your guinea pig. Their heads are the non white color and have a white strip of fur from their forehead to the top of their nose. 59122 american shorthair satin the only difference between the american shorthair satin and the american shorthair is that the american shorthair.

They are the most common breed. The guinea pig or domestic guinea pig cavia porcellus also known as the cavy or domestic cavy ˈ k eɪ v i is a species of rodent belonging to the genus cavia in the family caviidae. Breeders tend to use the word cavy to describe the animal while in scientific and laboratory contexts it is far more commonly referred to by the colloquial name guinea pig.

A black and white dalmatian guinea pig dalmatian guinea pigs have two colors. Both sides of their faces are coloured with the same colour with a white stripe down their heads noses. How to groom an american shorthair guinea pig.

Varying from solid colours like black cream red white beige chocolate lilac golden agouti silver dalmatian himalayan tortoise shell to patterns and patches as well. Solid guinea pig coat colors. These guinea pigs have a coloured part of the rear body being red black chocolate golden cream or agouti.

Like the dog dalmatian guinea pigs have spots all over their bodies. They are often recommended for guinea pig rookies as they have easier fur to manage. American shorthair this breed has short flat hair with no cow licks or rosettes.

Colour american shorthairs are available in a variety of colours. This type of coloring is called self so if your guinea pig is a all black then he would be called a self black cavy. The american shorthair is a breed of guinea pig.

Some guinea pigs are solid in color.

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