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American Shorthair Uk Breeders

The breeders you find listed here are tica members who have signed the tica code of ethics. Most breeders warmly accept all colours but the silver tabby has still proven itself especially popular.

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The ship s cats would have been on board to kill any vermin on the ship but it is likely that some of these cats stayed in america after making the crossing.

American shorthair uk breeders. American shorthairs are basically low maintenance cats. Males are larger than females weighing 11 to 15 pounds when fully mature. A little more about the american shorthair cat.

In the 1960s the breed was renamed american shorthair and it was at this time that more cats were exhibited not only in america but elsewhere in the world including the uk. Females weigh 8 to 12 pounds when they fully mature at 3 to 4 years of age. Build hair length and colour and the warm and uncomplicated character all have to be of the right sort.

We specialize in breeding quality american shorthair kittens from pedigreed cfa cat fanciers association and tica the international cat association registered parents. The american shorthair ash is a breed of cat believed to be descended from english domestic cats the forebears of today s british shorthairs brought to north america by early british settlers to protect valuable cargo from mice and rats. Tica makes no representations or warranties with respect to the breeding or business practices of any of the persons.

These cats had to be strong and tough to survive such a voyage and provided great breeding. August 06 2018 hits. Welcome to milla s kats home of the american shorthair cat.

The breed gained full recognition from most of the international breed organisations although the american shorthair has not yet been recognised by the gccf but they are registered with many other international breed clubs which includes tica. The american shorthair is well known for its general good health and good disposition. With the interest in showing cats in the 1800 s it was decided to develop a shorthair cat representative of the american working cat.

Milla s kats monica belluci with her six kittens. The american shorthair just like any other breed has tightly defined breeding standards. The american shorthair is believed to be descended from european cats brought to north america by early settlers including those on the mayflower to protect valuable cargo from mice and rats.

Pets4homes found 4 american shorthair cats and kittens for sale in the uk read our american shorthair buying advice page for information on this cat breed. American shorthair breeders print email details category. It is believed that the history of the american shorthair cat breed begins on the ships that crossed the atlantic ocean from europe to america.

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