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American Wirehair Grey And White Cat Breeds

American white wirehaired cats may have yellow or blue eyes and minnow eyes are also allowed. A farmer joan o shea adopted this little redhead named adam and researched his strange mutation.

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American wirehairs were named the rarest breed of cat in the cat fancier association s 2017 round up of 41 registered breeds.

American wirehair grey and white cat breeds. The american wirehair is often mistaken for the american shorthair and the similar looking and behaving breeds are regularly crossed. The american wirehair is characteristically a people oriented cat with a strong affectionate personality and a keen interest in its surroundings. The cornish rex cat which originated in.

Average 800 1200 usd. They have been described as quiet reserved and loving although to their owners these cats are personable and active. The coat colors accepted at american wirehair are the following.

This cat rare outside the united states is medium to large in size and sports a curly coat. It is robust and comes in shades of blue gray. Both parents were american shorthairs and their red kitten with almost spiky curly fur was quite different to the rest of the litter.

American wirehairs are also recognized by the american cat fanciers association the canadian cat association and the world cat federation. Some describe the american wirehair s hard springy coat as similar to steel wool. The american wirehair achieved full recognition from the cat fanciers association in 1978.

12 15 pounds female. This kitten was sold to a breeder who decided to try to replicate this spontaneous coat mutation. The muzzle and paw pads are also black and the eye color is often golden.

The black coat of an american wirehair must be a solid color with no gray hair. The first listed american wirehair was born in the united states new york in 1966. The kittens resulting from these matings were taken by other breeders and a carefully planned breeding program was started dedicated to producing the american wirehair breed.

The american wirehair is becoming increasingly popular in the united states. Affectionate curious gentle intelligent interactive lively loyal playful sensible social. Some cat breeds developed in the united states were the result of genetic mutations like the lykoi or the selkirk rex.

Black blue cream fawn silver tabby and white. The wirehair is always looking for a way to amuse himself and his owner. Over a dozen breeds have originated throughout the 50 states and have brought some unique and beautiful cat breeds into existence.

In the international cat association the breed is considered a type of american shorthair. American cat breeds might be more exotic and abundant than you think. The american wirehair breed of cat is rare outside the united states.

8 12 pounds.

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