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Balinese Gamelan Instruments Names

Kempul is one set of instruments in gamelan orchestra that look like gong. It can also produce more higher sound than the lower sound of a gong.

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Kenong the largest of the horizontal gongs resting on racks.

Balinese gamelan instruments names. A gamelan orchestra in bali consists mainly of two types of instrument. The most common instruments used are metallophones played by. Each type of instrument has its specific function in the melody and its own playing technique.

The third element in balinese gamelan is the kettle gongs including the trompong and the reyong. Gamelan terminology 2 kempul the smallest hanging gongs approximately 30 40 cm in diameter. Genders have bronze keys that are hung over bamboo resonators and are struck with a wooden mallet.

Gamelan ˈ ɡ æ m ə l æ n javanese. Kethuk and kempyang two small horizontal gongs which form a pair. Sometimes they are used for melodic decoration or solo passages other times they can be used for very quick and elaborate parts similar to the gangsa.

It also looks more smaller than the ordinaery gong but if you put them together in one line you can almost see no difference between them. The above instruments form the gong structure in gendhing musical compositions see below with the gong ageng marking the largest sections called gongan and the kenong. Gamelan is the traditional ensemble music of the javanese sundanese and balinese peoples of indonesia made up predominantly of percussive instruments.

Gender melody and figuration. These instruments have various functions depending on the type of gamelan in which they re used.

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