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Balinese Kintamani Dog

Therefore the kintamani dog has evolved from balinese feral dogs with little loss of genetic diversity. The biggest directory of kintamani bali dog breeders in the world.

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According to balinese belief kintamani dogs are usually given an herb as an alternative medicine.

Balinese kintamani dog. The balinese dog is also said to be the result of the crossbreeding of a white malamute with a samoyed because its appearance closely resembles these breeds. The breed was developed from free roaming local bali street dogs and was recognised by the fci in 2019. In 1985 with the.

That was a brief discussion of the kintamani dog which is a native breed of the island of bali. This is done by the owner to increase the resilience and immunity of the kintamani dog. Kintamani dog is a native canine breed indigenous to the kintamani region of the bali island indonesia though it is rarely found elsewhere away from its homeland.

The bali street dog and kintamani dog were most closely aligned with the australian dingo more distantly related to akc recognized breeds of chinese origin and most distantly related to akc breeds from of western eurasia. Another side of belief states that the kintamani dogs descended from crossing a dog wolf and fox. It is a popular pet for the balinese and locally bali s only official breed.

The beginning of kintamani bali dog is still unknown. Date of acceptance on a provisional basis by the fci. Asian spitz and related breeds.

Very ancient lontar bali a traditional balinese documentation mentioned about kuluk gembrong which is believed to be the origin of kintamani bali dog. The kintamani dog is an evolving breed indigenous to the kintamani region of bali. The kintamani anjing kintamani or the kintamani bali dog is a dog native to the indonesian island of bali and originated from the kintamani region.

Because of its very rich dna the bali heritage dog presents a wide range of colours and markings. Find kintamani bali dog breeders near me. The kintamani bali dog comes from the region of mountains vulcanos and forests.

Select the area where you would like to locate kintamani bali dog breeders. Characterized by a broad face flat forehead flat cheeks thick erect ears dark brown almond shaped eyes and compact jaws it has an attractive appearance quite different from an average. Français chien de bali kintamani.

The bali heritage dog has lived on the island in its pure form for at least 2500 years possibly much longer and the kintamani probably evolved as a sub type. The dog that he brought was later crossed with the feral dogs of balinese natives. Only official and registered kintamani bali dog breeders fci akc and the kennel club breeders.

Kintamani dogs cohabitate with feral bali street dogs although folklore has the breed originating 600 years ago.

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