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Balinese Temple Design

Ancient bali temples dot the highlands and coasts boasting magnificent centuries old architecture. However many puras exist in other parts of indonesia where significant numbers of balinese people reside.

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The design plan and layout of the pura follows the trimandala concept of balinese space allocation.

Balinese temple design. The pura desa is the temple of the local spirits as well as the god brahma. This walled compounds contains several shrines meru towers and bale pavilions. The outer zone which directly connects the pura compound with the outer realm and the entrance to the temple.

Balinese temple or pura sanskrit for walled city are designed as an open air place of worship within enclosed walls connected with a series of intricately decorated gates between its compounds. Family temple the house temple called sanggah or merajan is the place to worship the ancestor and the hyang guru. Main entrance to pura penataran agung lempuyang in bali indonesia.

These are usually situated facing bali s most sacred and largest mountain mt. Each balinese village contains its own pura puseh pura desa and pura dalem temples. Nista mandala jaba pisan.

Gates of temple lempuyang on bali vector eps 10. Presentation design consisting of history indonesia bali pura ulun danu bratan background and a cool aqua colored foreground beautiful presentation theme featuring reflecting god amazing balines temples ulun backdrop and a tawny brown colored foreground. Rcut indonesia heritage and.

Sleeping pavilion this building usually a large eight post structure on a high base. Such events occur twice a gregorian year since dates are based on a local 210 day calendar. A terrace usually attached for receiving guests at family ceremony.

No visit to bali would be complete without a trip to see at least one of bali s temples. They re most colourful during festive temple anniversaries. High resolution illustration vector of background bali temple.

Bali house design. Several have become some of the island s most iconic landmarks. The pura puseh is dedicated to both the god vishnu and the human founders of the village.

Happy silence day and hindu s new year illustration flat design template bali temple with simple bright sky landscape pape. A pura is a balinese hindu temple and the place of worship for adherents of balinese hinduism in indonesia puras are built in accordance to rules style guidance and rituals found in balinese architecture most puras are found on the island of bali where hinduism is the predominant religion. Three mandala zones arranged according to a sacred hierarchy.

Some temples can be seen in a single trip tirta empul and pura. West pavilion the west pavilion or bale dauh is. You don t have to make an effort to see all of them but you do have to see at least a few of the temples listed below.

There are over 20 000 pura balinese for temple in bali at last count a widespread marker of bali s exuberant culture. These are usually located somewhere in the middle of the. The design plan and layout of the pura follows the tri mandala concept of balinese space allocation.

Great for photos they re usually set against exotic backdrops.

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