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Bengal Vs Regular Cat

Regular domestic house cat is like night and day. Domestic seal point tabby cat by cassie j originally posted to flickr as troubles this version from wikimedia commons.

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Both hybrids are products of crossbreeding domestic kitties with wild cats to achieve the exotic appearance of feral felines.

Bengal vs regular cat. Bengal vs savannah cat which is the right pet for you. They re more like a dog and quite physically different too. They are so different.

A cat may have spots or marbled fur but that doesn t necessarily make it a bengal cat. My bengal was sleeker than my other cats and heavier because she was pure muscle. Bengals like to have regular interactive playtimes daily with their families.

They re so agile too and can jump really high and twist all around. A second pet cat or other can help alleviate this boredom and prevent negative or destructive behaviors during your absence. They are an absolutely beautiful breed.

Pet lovers are fascinated by the idea of keeping a household kitty that looks like it came straight from the wild. Regular tabby cats can have these characteristics too. A bengal cat is very vocal.

The ones i have worked were not lap cats and when picked up they do not run to the bottom like regular cats. Having a bengal vs.

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