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Big Fluffy Maine Coon Cat

Maine coon cats will often have green gold green gold or copper eyes. 11 year old roger has such strong features it s no surprise he s a total social media darling.

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How their forebears came to be in the new england wilderness is anybody s guess and theories abound about this big friendly cat.

Big fluffy maine coon cat. It s the big and furry maine coon one of the oldest and largest breeds of domestic cat in the u s perfectly adapted to the cold and snowy state of maine its original home. Maine coons are an american breed of cat that evolved naturally in the harsh environment of the northeast. The raccoon hybrid idea is ridiculous but in a less enlightened age it may have made sense.

Maine coons actually descend from norwegian forest cats who also come in big sizes. The handsome fella lives in bavaria germany and stuns his 29k. Their large tufted ears further create the illusion of a grizzly and majestic creature.

Their big and well tufted paws are built to withstand the harsh new england climates. They became the official state cat of maine in 1985. The fluffiest cat you ll ever meet.

Keep in mind that their coats are extremely fluffy giving them the illusion of looking larger. Indeed maine coon s long hair and bushy tail make her one of the fluffiest creatures that ever walked on four legs. There s probably no need to tell you which cat is the official state cat of maine.

15 fluffy maine coon cats you don t want to miss on instagram. The maine coon has large and expressive eyes that are oval shaped. Experts believe the maine coon evolved through the interbreeding of local domestic shorthairs and long haired cats brought from europe possibly the norwegian forest cat said to have crossed the atlantic with the vikings in the 11 th century.

The large fluffy semi longhair natural domestic cat breed that originated in maine was called cooncat there in the 1800 s as documented in. It s the maine coon. Their high cheekbones accentuate these features making the maine coon s face appear somewhat gruff.

A fluffy maine cooncat. Most maine coons are brown tabbies often with dark circles or marks around their eyes.

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