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Bombay Burmese Cat Bombay Black Cat Breeds

Bearing a striking resemblance to a black panther this medium sized breed with its cute smart and mischievous disposition makes for a fantastic house pet. And that s where the bombay cat s history gets really interesting.

The American Bombay Cat Was Bred In 1958 In Louisville Kentucky From Breeding An American Shorthair With A Bur American Shorthair Cat Cat Breeds Siamese Cats

The bombay was accepted by cat fanciers association in 1976 and the breed is also recognized by the american cat fanciers association and the international cat association.

Bombay burmese cat bombay black cat breeds. Bombay cats are typically characterized as having an all black coat black soles black nose and mouth with copper or green eyes. Before moving to details about these black kitties wewpet will tell you 6 funny stories of them. The bombay was created within the 1950s by the late nikki horner an american breeder who needed to develop a cat that possessed the conformation of the burmese however with a smooth black coat and copper eyes as a substitute of brown fur and yellow eyes form of a pint sized panther.

Bombay cat breed characteristics physical bombay cats appear friendly and alert. Jet black and glossy the coat makes the bombay s lean muscular body seem even more impressive. This is because color alone doesn t determine a cat s breed of origin.

Bombay cats are all black but not all black cats are bombay cats. Outcrossing to both sable burmese and black american shorthairs is still allowed by the cat fanciers association although the bombay is a true breed with its own particular. The close lying sleek and glossy black coat is generally colored to the roots with little or no paling.

Rather bombay cats like all members of a proven breeding line have either ancestors of the same breed or an ancestor that includes crossbreeding to achieve the breed standard. They are named after a port in india. The bombay is a short haired breed of domestic cat closely related to the burmese.

Cat breeders are an experimental lot creating distinctive new breeds either by building on natural genetic mutations or by crossing breeds to achieve a new look color or pattern. Actually the bombay cats are not a natural breed. A perfect example of a hybrid cat the bombay cat is an outcome of breeding the american shorthair black and the burmese sable.

The cfa describes them as a cat with an unmistakable look all its own bombay cat size. The bombay named for the exotic port city of india has no connection with the subcontinent but was created from crosses between sable burmese and black american. The bombay cat is a domestic house cat with the look of a small panther.

What stands out the most is the bombay s sleek black coat. Due to its background the bombay shares characteristics with both american shorthairs and the burmese but it also has characteristics all its own. In fact they are man made in the 1950s people want to combine a few different varieties to create a perfect genetic combination.

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