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Bombay Cat Vs Black American Shorthair

Before moving to details about these black kitties wewpet will tell you 6 funny stories of them. Bombay cats are all black but not all black cats are bombay cats.

The American Bombay Cat Was Bred In 1958 In Louisville Kentucky From Breeding An American Shorthair With A Bur American Shorthair Cat Cat Breeds Siamese Cats

The ideal bombay cat has copper colored eyes this is one of the characteristics horner was after when she created the breed.

Bombay cat vs black american shorthair. Due to its background the bombay shares characteristics with both american shorthairs and the burmese but it also has characteristics all its own. No matter which breed kitty is you re sharing your home with a smart engaging family member. The bombay was accepted by cat fanciers association in 1976 and the breed is also recognized by the american cat fanciers association and the international cat association.

On the other hand bombay cats are completely black in color. Bombay cat vs black american shorthair cat. In fact they are man made in the 1950s people want to combine a few different varieties to create a perfect genetic combination.

The british bombay cat can have yellow green or orange eyes. The late nikki horner a lifelong cat breeder and enthusiast based in kentucky is credited with breeding the first american bombay cat. Other than eye color the american and british bombays are very similar cats.

The bombay cat is a domestic house cat with the look of a small panther. American sh cats are a purebred cat and have a certain type of body head etc. Her goal was to produce a feline that had the good temperament and stunning eyes of the burmese with a distinctive sleek black coat making it look like a mini panther as she referred to it.

A cross between a black american shorthair and a sable burmese. The american shorthair was one of two cat breeds used to create the bombay a sleek gleaming black beauty. Bombay cats are more talkative than black cats.

Though the bombay is more panther like in her appearance she shares many traits with her relative. Black american cats are not just black but their color may be golden blue or black. The american bombay is black and has yellow and orange eyes.

They are named after a port in india. Rather bombay cats like all members of a proven breeding line have either ancestors of the same breed or an ancestor that includes crossbreeding to achieve the breed standard. Both cats have different patterns and different colors.

Bombays are basically a black burmese cat they are closer to the written burmese standard in type etc. The bombay is a fully domestic man made breed. And that s where the bombay cat s history gets really interesting.

Actually the bombay cats are not a natural breed. Both cats have round shaped heads but look different. This is because color alone doesn t determine a cat s breed of origin.

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