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Cat Breeds With Folded Ears

Originally called lop eared or lops after the lop eared rabbit scottish fold became the breed s name in 1966. Different cat registries have named the folded ear cat differently.

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A shepherd named william ross noticed a white female cat on a farm belonging to mr.

Cat breeds with folded ears. This gives them a very cute appearance that most people love. It is not sex linked. The ears of the kittens that carry the gene begin folding usually about the 21st day starting with the outer edge of the ear near the base.

The scottish and highland fold are actually slightly different and if you re looking for a furry cat you will want the longer haired highland fold. Foldexes are medium sized cats with a rounded face short legs and folded ears. In 1966 the owner started a breeding program and tried to register it.

This white female cat with the folded ears was named susie. Currently the breed is recognized by only one cat registry the canadian cat association. The latter are the defining feature of the breed.

The foldex cat also known as the exotic fold is a rare breed of cat developed in the canadian province of quebec. The scottish fold is a breed of domestic cat with a natural dominant gene mutation that affects cartilage throughout the body causing the ears to fold bending forward and down towards the front of the head which gives the cat what is often described as an owl like appearance. Depending on registries longhaired scottish folds are varyingly known as highland fold scottish fold lo.

However their ears do not fold the same. They are very different cats but they do share this characteristic. The fold gene is an incomplete autosomal dominant gene that affects the development of cartilage and bone throughout the cat s body.

Members of the breed today can all trace their heritage back to susie a white cat with unusual folded ears who earned her keep as a mouser in a barn in scotland s tayside region. The scottish folds the american curls the highlander cats and the ukrainian levkoy. Though best known for its folded ears which are the result of a genetic mutation according to vet street the scottish fold can also be recognized for its rounded head sweet eyes and total.

This is when it became clear that a dominant gene is responsible. His ears are folded forward although not all examples of this breed have the folded ears. If you ve ever seen a scottish fold or highland fold you ll probably remember.

The ears on this cat were folded in a strange way. This breed of cat was named scottish folded in the year 1966. Scottish fold cats have really small ears that bend forward and down towards the front of their head with rounded ear tips.

Susie might have lived her life in obscurity had she not been noticed in 1961 by a shepherd named william ross who had an interest in cats. The ancestor of this breed is a farm cat named susie. The first known scottish fold cat was discovered on a farm in perthshire which is in the tayside region in scotland in 1961.

There are 4 cat breeds that do have folded ears. Folded ear cats were originally called as lop eared named after the lop eared rabbit. Scottish fold kittens are not born with folded ears.

Cats with folded ears. Back in scotland susie passed on her owl like ears to her kittens. Of the 76 kittens born in the program 42 grew folded ears and 34 had straight ones.

The scottish fold is the most well known folded ear cat.

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