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Do Mammals Have Fur Or Hair

However all mammals have fur hair or skin. Now that i m done rambling about the evolution of fur i will write about the one other defining features of mammals.

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All mammals excluding some like dolphins have some sort of hair or fur covering their bodies.

Do mammals have fur or hair. In fact whales dolphins and porpoises are all marine mammals that belong to the cetacean family which is composed of around 80 90 different species. All mammals have hair whether they be humans whales pigs elephants cats dogs or monkeys. Marine mammals such as dolphins and whales do not have fur.

As a marine mammal whales share several features that are common among almost all mammals such as the need to breathe air giving birth to live. Not all mammals have fur but every mammal had has or will have. Whats really different is the.

Finally evolution gave it another purpose to protect the mammals from the cold weather and to help them retain heat. For some animals the fur that grows from their bodies provides camouflage from predators depending on the environment in which they live. This is an evolutionary adaption to protect our skin from the elements.

Locate and plot the following on a number line use only one number line. One of the main characteristics that distinguish mammals from birds and other animals is that mammals have hair or fur and birds have feathers. Not all mammals have fur.

Scientifically speaking there s no difference between hair and fur. Over time each hair became shorter and the fur covered more and more area each generation. Yes some species of whale do in fact have hair.

If they are mammals then they have hair or fur to cover their skin new questions in math. Even dolphins have a few whiskers early in their lives. Semiaquatic mammals such as fur seals and otters also have a thick covering of fur with sea otters sporting up to 1 million hairs per square inch of skin more than any other mammal.

The hair has a different appearance feel and purpose depending on the development of the individual species. 2cups convert to milligrams ano sagot dito mga pre. Mammals evolved from the synapsids such as the.

All mammals have hair dogs cats foxes pigs gerbils horses and people. Technically speaking the term fur is generally confined to mammals with very thick body hair. Mammals have hair and fur.

The normal length of the hair is an individual and species specific trait. 1 mammals have hair or fur 1 see answer namie87 namie87 answer. So across the breadth of mammals there are many norms for hair length or fur length.

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