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Do Mammals Lay Eggs

There are exceptions to every rule some reptiles and fish bear live young and some mammals lay eggs. Mammals that lay eggs are monotremes.

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This article on animalsake discusses some important aspects related to these unique mammals.

Do mammals lay eggs. Mammals are warm blooded animals that give birth to live young. An egg results from fertilization of an egg cell most arthropods vertebrates excluding live bearing mammals and mollusks lay eggs although some such as scorpions do not. Egg laying mammals belong to a group called monotremes.

These monotremes are warm blooded animals with a high metabolic rate. Long and short beaked echidna and platypus are the only mammals that lay eggs. They are classified under the subclass prototheria and belong to the order monotremata.

Monotremes however are a particular kind of mammals who lay eggs. All mammals have a type of sexual reproduction by which a cell from the female of a species is fertilized by a cell from the male. The echidna is a type of mammal that lays eggs.

The former are known as placental mammals as the baby is fed via placenta in utero. Regarding this what are the 2 mammals that lay eggs. There are only two egg laying mammals on the planet.

All mammals are warm blooded meaning that they have internal body temperature regulation mechanisms. One of the defining characteristics of mammals is that they give birth to young ones and raise them on milk from the mammary glands. It is considered the ancestral state of mammals.

The main differentiation within mammal species is between those which grow the fetus inside the body and those which lay eggs. Otherwise no currently living mammals lay eggs. Monotremes are the only mammals that lay eggs.

Click to see full answer. The duck billed platypus and the spiny anteater or echidna. Other mammals evolved the ability to give birth to live young either as marsupial pouch bearing mammals like koalas and kangaroos or placental.

Some of the common mammals include human beings animals living on land whales which are considered cold blooded mammals. In fact they are oviparous who lay between one to three eggs just in the same manner as do birds. We learn early on in school that what one of the distinguishing characteristics of mammals is that unlike birds reptiles and fish they bear live young.

The echidna is a type of mammal that lays eggs.

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