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Half Breed Bengal Cat

Explore 10 listings for half bengal kittens for sale at best prices. The result is a smart lively and intelligent cat with a wild look.

This Bengal Cat S Beautiful Pattern Makes Him Worthy Of The Name Thor Beautiful Cats Bengal Kitten Bengal Cat Breeders

Mixed breed tabby kittens.

Half breed bengal cat. They were developed by breeding an asian leopard cat felis bengalensis which is where the name bengal was derived with a domestic house cat such as an abyssinian egyptian mau or. Their golden shimmer comes from their leopard cat ancestry and their coats may show spots rosettes arrowhead markings or. Bengal cats are beautiful smart and wild looking cats this hybrid cat breed is growing in popularity due to its patterns and personalities and it stays about the same size as a large domestic house cat.

The pixie bob is a breed of domestic cat claimed to be the progeny of naturally occurring bobcat hybrids however dna testing has failed to detect bobcat marker genes and pixie bobs are considered wholly domestic for the purposes of ownership cat fancy registration and import and export. The bengal cat s head is rounded and slightly longer than it is wide. Half burmese and half chinchilla the burmilla is easy to groom and makes for a purr fect pet.

Bengal cats of ordinary breed from lesser known breeders cost from 1200 to 2000. The cheapest offer starts at 70. Bengal cats of higher lineage from reputable breeders can be priced at much higher from 2000 to 7000 in case of highly rare and beautiful bengal cat the price can be up to 10000.

The wild look of the bengal cat comes from its origin the asian leopard cat bred with a domestic shorthair. The standard calls for a large sleek very muscular cat with hindquarters that are slightly higher than the shoulders and a thick tail that is carried low. The bengal cat is a domesticated cat breed created from hybrids of domestic cats especially the spotted egyptian mau with the asian leopard cat prionailurus bengalensis the breed name comes from the leopard cat s taxonomic name.

You can read our detailed information guide about cats for potential new cat owners. Manx cat price range. One of the largest cat breeds the chausie is a mixed breed made.

Blackburn blackburn with darwen. Bengal cat breed looks the bengal cat is a wild looking domestic cat. Getting a new cat or kitten is a massive commitment so make sure you have researched the breed fully and have the time and commitment necessary to care for the cat.

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