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Mammals Vs Reptiles

Mammals have hair or fur surrounding the body while reptiles have scales. On the other hand mammals have an expanded brain case and a single bone forms the jaw.

This Is A Venn Diagram Comparing Amphibians And Reptiles The Bottom Part Of The Worksheet Has A Few Ideas To Get The Ch Reptiles Amphibians Reptile Unit Study

Main difference mammals vs reptiles.

Mammals vs reptiles. Mammals and reptiles represent two classes of animals that belong to the phylum chordata. Reptiles have unlimited growth while mammals have limited growth. On the other hand reptiles do not have any such glands therefore they prefer hunting for food to feed their offspring.

Mammals have mammary glands from which they feed their offspring. Mammals are viviparous i e they give birth to individual animals while reptiles are oviparous egg laying animals. As an adjective reptile is creeping.

Reptiles have small brain case and several bones combine to make the jaw. Mammals give birth to live young and reptiles lay eggs. As nouns the difference between mammal and reptile is that mammal is an animal of the class mammalia characterized by being warm blooded having hair and feeding milk to its young while reptile is a cold blooded vertebrate of the class reptilia.

On the other hand reptiles are egg laying animals. One other significant difference between mammal and reptile is that the mammals have hair on their skins while the reptiles have hard and dry scales on their skins. The mammals have tendency of giving birth to their offspring on the other hand reptiles lay eggs to give birth to new beings.

There are however exceptions of lizards like zootoca vivipara which are viviparous. The main difference between mammals and reptiles is that mammals have live births and produce milk for their young whereas reptiles lay eggs. Mammals have extended braincase and three bones of the middle ear are there.

Mammals are warm blooded animals whereas reptiles are cold blooded animals. Reptiles lay eggs whereas mammals give birth to young ones. Moving on the belly or by means of small and short legs.

Reptiles can change their color which mammals cannot do. Reptiles have simple cheek teeth unlike mammals which have two sets of teeth. Reptile s skull has a little braincase and one bone in the middle ear.

Mammals are warm blooded animals while reptiles are cold blooded animals. Also though both mammal and reptile reproduce sexually mammals give birth to young and nourish them with milk but reptiles lay eggs and abandon the young. Mammals give birth to young ones live.

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