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Musa Red Abyssinian Banana

She has been a globe trotter for many years traveling along with her husband an engineer and her life is worth a novel. The ensete maurelii is also called red abyssinian banana.

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The red abyssinian banana is a cultivar of the false banana or abyssinian banana ensete ventricosum.

Musa red abyssinian banana. Red abyssinian banana ensete ventricosum maurelii en set ee ay ven tre ko sum royal horticultural society award of garden merit synonyms of ensete ventricosum 32 updated on 1 22 21. Synonyms musa ensete family musaceae genus ensete are robust evergreen perennials forming a short stem with large paddle shaped leaves and pendent terminal clusters of cup shaped flowers followed by dry banana like fruits. Simply remove old leaves from the base with the help of a scissor or a knife.

Plant grows to 15 feet. Ensete arnoldianum de wild cheesman ensete bagshawei rendle greves cheesman ensete buchananii baker cheesman ensete davyae stapf cheesman ensete edule bruce ex horan ensete fecundum stapf. It will grow well in full sun to partial shade.

Ensete maurelii red abyssinian banana has got the wow factor. Upright growth and a tropical appearance make the red abyssinian banana a popular garden plant in temperate and subtropical areas. This banana does not produce suckers and is very fast growing.

This is a huge ornamental plant with leaves up to 10 feet long. The foliage of this ensete is brilliant red higher light really intensifies the color. The red form is called ensete ventricosum maurelii and is prized for its red tinged leaves.

The propagation of the heat loving plant is performed by dividing the plant sowing seeds or tissue culture. It s well suited to growing in tropical garden schemes bearing giant jungle like paddles of rich red and green leaves from its thick leafy trunk. Ensete ventricosum commonly known as enset or ensete ethiopian banana abyssinian banana pseudo banana and false banana is an herbaceous species of flowering plant in the banana family musaceae.

Red abyssinian is a gorgeoustropical that performs well in temperate tropical climates. Onika amell was born in farmer s family in cape town south africa and always had a keen interest in gardening. Despite its sensitive tender nature the abyssinian banana ensete ventricosum is becoming increasingly popular as a summer bedding plant in britain.

The ensete maurelii brings an amazing tropical feeling to your garden. Ensete maurelii is a must for any tropical container program. It can grow up to 18 feet high with leaves 10 feet long.

These plants are exceptional quality. Musa ensete maurelli red abyssinian banana. The domesticated form of the plant is only cultivated in ethiopia where it provides the staple food for approximately 20 million people.

In cape town she worked in groups soil for life and work for love. Most of the leaf surface has a red flush to them and the undersides are a rich dark crimson in colour giving insta. The banana plant may need light pruning.

The maurelii is a fantastically colorful plant with red leaf surfaces and red leaf axils. Also known as the red abyssinian banana it has huge exotic sail like foliage. How to propagate red abyssinian banana.

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