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Persian Cat Black Nose

Through selective breeding cat fanciers began to mold the persian to its present day appearance. To find out exactly what it is you should bring the cat to a doctor to find out.

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They also either have green or blue eyes.

Persian cat black nose. The nose of older cats darkens with freckles. They bred cats to have a round head short face snub nose chubby cheeks small rounded ears big eyes and a sturdy body. Excitement and temperature changes also affect the color of a cat s nose.

The brick colored nose is outlined in black mascara however even as little as a week s growth of hair can begin to obscure the mascara line hiding one of the most unique features of a silver persian. This is called lentigo and is completely harmless. There are types of persian cats in solid colors some with spots and others with speckles.

They will have brilliant copper eyes. Black persian cats should have a coal black coat without any paler undercoat or rust red hair tips. Feline herpes or lentigo may also be a cause of discoloration of the nose.

The persian cat is characterized by its broad face flat nose round eyes and small ears. A weeks hair growth. Answer 1 of 12.

Their noses should be black and their paw pads can be either black or brown. These cats have a light undercoat and a subtly tinted overcoat. While there are a few different color variations chinchilla persian cats are typically silvery white.

This is a photo of the same cat only a week after being shaved. Additionally look at the color of the cat s fur since persian cats are usually white red cream or black. If your cat has a black and dry produce on her nose it may be a respiratory infection or a sign he has asthma or even an allergy.

Small flecks of dried blood are signs of a bacterial infection. Their fur was longer than that of the angora cat and they had shorter legs. The black stuff on your cat s nose is caused by boogers mucous nasal discharge from dust or scabs.

Its long and thick coat is very silky which needs to be brushed daily comes in a multitude of different colors as you ll see below. Their doll like eyes lips and nose are rimmed in black. To identify a persian cat check to see if the cat has a round face with puffy cheeks and a snubbed nose which are typical persian cat features.

If the nose becomes pale the cat may have poor blood circulation. Since chinchilla persian cats are purebred they typically exhibit health problems. If the cat is only new and you bought it from someone else you should take it right back and look for a new cat or your money back there is also the chance it may be.

Medical conditions including cushing s disease and hypertension can darken the nose of a cat. You should also look for its fur to be long and have a silky texture.

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