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Persian Cat Brown Eyes

Browning can also occur if your cat s eyes are irritated. Pollen and other allergens can get trapped in your cat s eyes.

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This can lead to dark fur staining.

Persian cat brown eyes. A brown color is normal for these guys. Their unusual facial structure predisposes them to chronic eye tearing and improper tear drainage according to the seattle persian and himalayan rescue. As they grow the eye coloration changes.

Red blue blue silver brown cameo silver and cream. A purrinlot copper eye kitten. Eyes are copper colored with the exception of the silver coats which may have green or hazel colored eyes.

Persians are a brachycephalic breed meaning that they have short flat faces with large eyes. Some interesting facts about persian eye colors. Usually eye drainage is more of an annoyance to the cat and unsightly rather than anything harmful.

Their face structure causes them to have eye tearing and improper tear drainage. Note the brown hues with no blue hue. When this happens their tears can turn yellow or brown.

Persian cat colors include. If you are seeing that there is a green or a yellow discharge then this could be an infection but brown is likely not an infection. They have flat faces with a short nose and big round eyes.

This shows the intensity of the copper eyes to come with age a copper that will be of a great eye color and not weak in color. It is quite common for persian cats to have discharge from their eyes. If your persian appears to be crying all the time it could be due to a condition known.

When persian kittens are born they have blue eyes. Persians are a brachycephalic breed. Eyes are copper colored with the exception of the silver coats which may have green or hazel colored eyes.

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