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Persian Cat Color Black

Female Black and White Longhair kitten. Dilute Tortie Blue Cream Tortie Dilute version of Black and Red.

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At that time the cats had shiny silky gray fur but thanks to selective breeding Persians are now found in a kaleidoscope of colors including bi-color a color plus white.

Persian cat color black. We offer a list of breeders for many different breeds of cats. Ad Find a good breeder now. Those Showgirls Sho Know How To Parti from the 2007 CFA Yearbook.

Ok youve probably been waiting for this one. Black and white BiColor tuxedo patterned fluffy coat. Fluffette is a small Exotic Shorthair breed that has a Persian longhair coat.

Exotics produce both shorthair and longhair kittens. It stands out from the rest since even the face and legs are often tipped. Instead of the multiple colors seen in Particolor Persians the Bicolor variant only has two color patterns.

Silver Silver Classic Tabby Black stripes with white. The blue-eyed black Persian seems to have an overall complementary look whereas the orange eyes stand out in sharp contrast with the black coat. Patches may be mingled or distinct.

The ideal blackwith a dense coal-black coat sound the same color with no variation from the roots to the tip of the hairis almost impossible to achieve. Fluffette is absolutely stunning with a gorgeous. The Chinchilla Persian coat is described as a pure silvery or snow-white undercoat with evenly spread black tipping over the tail back sides head and ears.

Health is most important and integrity of your breeder is supporting that feature. Theyll stare at you with blue-green eyes with the rims of eyes nose and lips outlined in black. Because they are as dramatic as the whites the early classes of blacks were quite small in number.

These can be white brown red blue or black. The Himalayan Persian from the May 1999 Cat Fanciers Almanac Particolor division. Until the late 19 th century when breeding and showing cats became popular longhaired cats from Persia Turkey Afghanistan and other exotic locales were known simply.

Since the infancy of cat breeding the black Persian has also been considered highly desirable. Red Red Classic Tabby Red stripes with red roots. The white undercoat in red chinchillas is topped with red tipped hair on the head back flanks and tail.

Another variety is the Red Chinchilla also known as the shell cameo. Pictured on this page are some of our past Black Persian kittens. Particolor Persians from the May 1996 Cat Fanciers Almanac Particolor division.

CONTACT91 94438 44189Available Persian kitten 1 female kitten 55 Days OldLocation ChennaiPrice 6k Interested Inbox me. Calico Persians fall under this color division. Black Persian kittens in a wide array of facial structures but primarily the angelic Doll Face style in which we specialize.

Ad Find a good breeder now. Calico and Bi-Color Persians from the 2011 CFA Yearbook Himalayan division. Tipping means that only the tip of the hair is colored and in the case of the Chinchilla Persian an eighth of the hair length is colored.

Random color distribution among varying shades of red black and cream. Born May 9th 2020. One variety has deep blue eyes whereas the other displays a set of contrasting orange copper eyes.

The black Persian cat is available in two varieties of eye color. Health is most important and integrity of your breeder is supporting that feature. Black Persian eye color.

As they evolved from the Persian cat breed. Tortie Randomly patched all over with red black and cream. The Himalayan is the most recognizable Persian cat variety.

We offer a list of breeders for many different breeds of cats.

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