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Persian Cat Jumping Over Fence

Some like to climb and jump whether it s onto a footstool or the top of the fridge. Overall cats jumping over the fence is not bad behavior.

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Your persian is a cat after all and even though they aren t known for climbing and jumping they do those things.

Persian cat jumping over fence. Cat proof fencing tends to consist of either netting or a fence extension which leans inwards at an angle of around 45 degrees. These are the clear wavy ones which were about 15. However there could be downsides such as a cat being able to balance over the rollers and still be able to jump over or worst the risk of injuring.

It effortlessly glided over the barrier before landing and walking past cat litter a healthy domestic cat can jump about 8ft high a distance of around six times their body length by nick enoch. The addition added to the top also has to be high enough that the cat cannot just jump on top of or over it. Squeezing into or through the smallest of spaces although cats will go right over easy to scale fences going under or right through gaps is a natural second option.

This is because these rollers move as your cat s paws come in contact with them. Some persians never want to climb or jump but others are exceptions to the rule. I used palruf pvc roof panels from home depot.

You can also get them at lowe s under a different brand. To solve this you can do the following. Roller bars placed on top of the fence can keep cats from climbing and jumping over from the top of the fence.

Build a higher fence. A very short fence is an easy picking for any adult cat. One of the first things you can do is building a higher fence that s impossible for your cat to jump over.

Cat jumping over gate catvideo jumping cat. For licensing usage please contact. Cat jumping over gate catvideo jumping cat.

It s just their nature kicking in. Installing a cat proof fence may be a more effective method because it can work on almost any fence and will contend with the challenges of cats being able to jump higher in future.

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