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Persian Cat With Dark Blue Eyes

And we have some green ones too. The only exception to this rule is the white cat.

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The higher the level of refraction the cat has in their eyes the deeper the shade of blue will appear.

Persian cat with dark blue eyes. Cats that have the dominant white gene can sometimes but not always have blue eyes. For example a black and white a k a. Therefore black cats have pale eyes but the original orange persian can have dark copper eyes.

A calico is also a bicolor even though. The himalayan is a type of persian cat that was developed by incorporating the persian s lustrous coat with the siamese s color patterns. The only exception to this rule is the white cat.

Tuxedo cat is a black and white bicolor. Because epistatic white genes predominate and hide other colors white cats are more likely to be blue than other colorblind cats. A bi color persian is a persian cat with two or three colors on their fur coat and always contains white as one of those colors.

Pointed cats like siamese who have a lighter body and darker extremities always have blue eyes. Black cats are born with blue eyes but the blue eye colour will change to yellow or green from four weeks. Can black cats have blue eyes.

It depends on the breed a white cat with blue eyes may be a foreign white khao manee british shorthair munchkin sphynx devon rex cornish rex maine coon norwegian forest cat or a domestic mixed breed. These soft and fluffy cats have deep blue eyes and lovely personalities. They are affectionate but do not demand constant attention and their calm demeanors make them ideal companions for the elderly.

Yet here at purrinlot we have blue eyes on our bi color s. Genes that limit cat coloration result in blue eyes.

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