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Rare Bengal Snow Rare Bengal Cat Breeds

Either you want the rarest snow bengal or the most common marble cat it depends upon your budget and preference. Breeders have long attempted to bring the characteristic white spotted tummy of asian leopard cats into the bengal breed but it is still exceedingly rare and these cats are thus highly prized varieties.

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Like all other bengal cats a snow bengal is the result of breeding together a domestic cat with an asian leopard cat.

Rare bengal snow rare bengal cat breeds. One rare feature of this snow bengal is the color of their eyes which are always blue. Consider some other rare breeds of cat like savannah cats and even popular but less common breeds like maine coon manx and norwegian forest cats. The silver gene hides the warm colors so the silver snow bengal cat will be a little colder in coloring than the snow.

You can conveniently buy beautiful feline depending on your budget. People often think that the wild genes of bengal cats make them dangerous. Some bengals have long and silky coats which are more commonly known as cashmere bengals.

No they are not. It took some time to create the snow bengal we know and love today the first few generations of the breed were wild and impossible for a non professional to handle. Seal mink colored snow bengal cats.

The snow leopard is a big wild cat that s endangered and incredibly rare the snow bengal cat is a cat breed that originated from bengal cats. A silver snow bengal cat is simply a snow that has also received the silver gene. This snow bengal is born with milk chocolate colored patterns on the pale white background.

The bengal cat breed was created in the 1960s by crossing a wild asian leopard cat with domestic cats. They were recognized by the international cat association as an experimental breed in 1983 and fully recognized in 1991. The snow bengal kitten was born.

The silver snow bengal cat. While most bengal cats started off as a mixture of brown tan and orange some kittens were born with a recessive albino gene that left them with light colored base coats and blue eyes. The color also darkens with age just like the other snow bengal.

The story of the snow bengal begins with the start of the bengal cat breed itself the asian leopard cat which is the foundation wild cat for this breed has no doubt had many naturally occurring breedings with domestic cats over the course of many decades and centuries however we really owe the development of this incredibly successful domestic breed of cat. For example the silver snow lynx will be whiter gray than cream white. Where do snow bengals come from.

Are bengal cats dangerous. The snow gene is quite rare so the first snow bengal breeders had to carefully expand the gene pool over the years. Bengal cats are not rare.

Their nose is brownish pink and their feet are always brown. For a snow bengal to be accepted by breed registries as a bengal cat they must be f4. Bengal cats belong with those breeds not only because they are similarly rare but also because they are a larger cat breed with specific care requirements.

This bengal breed was developed by cross breeding brown bengal cats with siamese cats and ta da.

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