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Reproduction Process In Mammals

The primary reproductive process in female mammals is the production of eggs ova from follicles in the ovary. In reproductively mature female mammals an interaction of hormones from the pituitary gland and the ovaries produces a phenomenon known as the estrous cycle.

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Animals including mammals produce gametes sperm and egg through meiosis in gonads testicles in males and ovaries in females.

Reproduction process in mammals. Mammal mammal reproduction. The egg laying monotremes such as echidnas figure below and platypuses figure below use one opening the cloaca to urinate release waste and reproduce just like birds. The monotremes the marsupials and the placental mammals.

Sperm are produced by the process of spermatogenesis and eggs are produced by oogenesis. These processes are outlined in the article gametogenesis. Recall that mammals can be classified into three general groups based on their reproductive strategy.

Estrus or heat typically coincides with ovulation and during this time the female is receptive to the male. In a non pregnant female mammal production of eggs is typically a cyclical process although there are varying degrees of seasonal restriction such that some female mammals do not show repeated cycles. Seasonality of reproduction in mammals is mainly governed by annual variation in rainfall and vegetation and hence becomes increasingly common at high latitudes.

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