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Scottish Fold American Curl Mix

Hal itu disebabkan karena kucing american curl memiliki ciri fisik unik di telinganya mengingatkan kita pada kucing scottish fold. A scottish fold cat is typically more relaxed and laid back than an american curl.

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Bedanya kalo kucing american curl ini dari amerika kalo kucing scottish fold dari eropa mungkin karena penulis belum tahu secara pasti walaupun faktanya cat breeder atau cattery di indonesia sering impor kucing.

Scottish fold american curl mix. I heard that folds can t mate with other folds but can mate with straight eared cats. Hanya saja jenis kucing american curl telinganya terlipat ke belakang. Browse scottish fold kittens for sale cats for adoption.

Optimal weight for females is between 2 3 and 3 6 kg and between 3 2 and 4 5 kg for males. They enjoy games and playing with toys but they also love to cuddle up to their companions and lounge the day away. The scottish fold cat is not to be confused with the american curl which also has folded ears.

Forum adopsi kucing scottish fold american curl indonesia has 13 700 members. The american curl tends to be a relatively active cat with an almost dog like attentive temperament. The scottish fold needs some interactive play with her parent in order to keep in good condition.

As the scottish fold ages play gently with the tail moving it from side to side and up and down. Sedangkan scottish fold telinganya tertutup ke arah depan. While the coat is an easy one to care for she appreciates being brushed as part of play.

For instance white and bicolor cats can have blue eyes or odd eyes where each eye is a different color. The scottish fold is also sociable and is typically a loyal and intelligent cat. Another medium sized breed is the scottish fold cat.

The scottish fold comes in a number of colors and patterns including solid tabby tabby and white bicolor and particolor. The difference will be immediately noticeable an american curl s ears curl upwards and back as opposed to the scottish fold s ears which fold forward. The american curl is a medium sized cat that weights between 2 3 and 4 5 kg and does not reach maturity until 2 or 3 years of age.

But american curl is not exactly folded like the scottish fold it s different so here lies my question. But i don t know if they could mate since the scottish fold has its ears folded down while the american curl has the ears folded back. Eye color depends on coat color.

Kucing octtish fold ini berasal dari negara skotlandia di mana kucing scottish ini merupakan salah satu kucing impian untuk para pecinta kucing. This sociable breed will pay significant attention to humans in the family. I have a female scottish fold and a male american curl.

Scottish folds are moderately active cats.

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