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Small Mammals With Big Eyes

The superlative smallest monkey often refers to the pygmy marmoset cebuella pygmaea an animal with a larger body size. Fur is three toned transitioning from dark brown on the back to paler brown to white on its undersides.

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Lemur is an animal from the living ordo primate in madagascar africa.

Small mammals with big eyes. Tarsiers some of the world s smallest primates have the largest eyes relative to body size among mammals. It hunts birds lizards and insects. The lemur has strong yellow eyes.

The philippine tarsier is considered to be the mammal with the biggest eyes 16 mm across in proportion to its body size. It is a curious primate of small size hairy with enormous eyes thin limbs and a long tail of about 17 centimeters. Lives in lowland jungles of indonesia and southeast asian islands.

2 human eyes would have to be the size of apples to match tarsier eye proportions. Hunting for small animals and people most often for the purpose of sale because a small animal with big eyes today is very popular in the market of exotic animals. Other lemurs have blue eyes which can be many shades of blue like light sky blue grey ish blue and darker blue colors.

Common shrew by jo garbutt via flickr. Take a look at some of the strangest and most incredible eyes in the animal kingdom. The tarsier or tarsier is an animal with bulging eyes.

They must not like it when someone takes their picture using a bright flash. Common shrew sorex araneus. The main one is chimpanzees.

Primates attack the galago during their sleep piercing them with pointed sticks. It is belonging to the big eyed animals with the best night vision. This is shorter proportionally than that of the pygmy shrew.

A small harmless animal in the wild lurks a lot of dangers. Their pupils dilate to adjust when little light is available and shrink to tiny pinholes when more light is present. The common shrew has a tail which is roughly half the length of the body.

The tarsier is a small about squirrel sized nocturnal primate found in the rainforests of south eastern asia. It is the only fully predatory primate in the world feeding on lizards and insects and is even known to catch birds in mid flight. The tarsier has such large eyes because it is a nocturnal hunter and the large eyes help maximize the available light.

This tiny squirrel like creature has a typical body shape but the eyes are to die for. Surprisingly they are named for their extremely long feet and not for their enormous and fascinating eyes which take up about half of the relatively tiny face. It is actually a primate found in the jungles of south eastern asia and it is unique because it s a fully predatory primate.

The eyes are able to reflect light at the night with its scream. It is a nocturnal animal. Shrews tend to be smaller than most other species of small mammal found in the uk and have a distinctive long pointed snout and very small eyes and ears.

It has a great vision in which it has big eyes. They are large compared to the tiny shout and the small body mass.

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