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Traditional Balinese Kebaya

Kebaya is usually worn during formal occasions combined with batik sarong songket or other traditional textiles. Sep 21 2013 all kinds of kebaya that i like.

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Before the kebaya was introduced balinese women would be bare chested while up and about doing their daily house chores or going to the market though they would wear more modest attire on temple visits.

Traditional balinese kebaya. The kebaya has been the traditional attire of balinese women since the dutch colonisation of indonesia but before that the balinese people did not have traditional clothing. But recently kebaya with simple design appears in many casual events as well as in jakarta s government. Looking for culture lovers from the island of bali not hurt to try this.

Kebaya is described as women s upper long sleeved clothes. كبيا is a traditional blouse dress combination traditionally worn by women in indonesia malaysia singapore brunei southern thailand and southern philippines. It is sometimes made from sheer material such as silk thin cotton or semi transparent nylon or polyester.

Origins of the kebaya. The traditional balinese kebaya bride is the application of photo montage and editor for wearing traditional balinese cool. After dutch colonization the kebaya took on a new role as the formal dress for the european women in the country.

Kebaya is a traditional women s blouse usually made of cotton silk or brocade that has openings on the front and long sleeves. During this time the kebaya was made mostly from mori fabric. See more ideas about kebaya traditional dresses modern kebaya.

Modifications made to this traditional costume later introduced the use of silk and embroidery to add design and color.

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