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Ukrainian Levkoy Hairless Cat Breeds

The ukrainian levkoy is an experimental and man made breed. There are only ten ukrainian levkoys outside the soviet union.

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They have soft elastic skin.

Ukrainian levkoy hairless cat breeds. This breed is so rare it hasn t even been accepted into american breed associations yet. Ukrainian levkoys are affectionate and intelligent. The ukrainian levkoy cat is named for the levkoy plant which has folded leaves that resemble the cat s ears.

The ukrainian levkoy originated in ukraine in the year 2004. The levkoy s peculiar features are. The name levkoy was inspired by a plant with folded leaves with the same name.

In the case of the ukrainian levkoy the breeder elena birjukova crossed the donskoy below with a scottish fold. In their native ukraine this hybrid breed was created by crossing the hairless donskoy with the scottish fold which is known for their distinctive folded ears. The ukrainian levkoy cat is a hairless cat breed though some do have a small amount of fur.

The ukrainian levkoy cat is a recently developed hairless breed with folded ears. A 21st century cat. They are an incredibly young breed with origins dating back only to the early 2000s.

This is a medium sized cat with a long muscular and slender body. Their fur or more specifically for most ukrainian levkoys their skin can come in any color. Their body is supported by long and well boned legs that end with oval paws and fine toes.

Special angular contour of its head and stepped profil. Many of these new breeds come from russia or regions of the former soviet union. These cats are of medium size with a longish body appearing both muscular and slender.

An excess of which leads to a wrinkled appearance. Hairless cats which actually have a very thin coat which is almost impossible to detect have recently become very popular. While hairless cats are typically slender slight creatures the ukrainian levkoy is cut from a different cloth.

Ukranian levkoy cats are some of the most interesting looking hairless cats in existence today. Many ukrainian levkoy cats have light downy fur instead of completely hairless skin. Females are typically smaller and weigh.

The cat is bred for its hairless body and inward folded ears. The breed is not recognized by any major international cat fancier and breeder organizations only ukrainian and russian clubs. The modified wedge shaped head is topped with widely set large ears that fold forward towards the head.

The ukrainian levkoy is a cat breed of distinct appearance having inward folding ears and little to no hair. They also do well in smaller living environments making them a good fit for apartment dwellers. On a day to day basis these cats make excellent household pets especially because they love to hang around and play with children.

Ukrainian levkoys are often described as doglike not just for their friendly personalities but for their uniquely angular faces and inward folding ears. While slender their long medium build bodies are surprisingly muscular. This resulted in a new hairless breed of cat also with folded ears.

The ukrainian levkoy is an almost hairless mixed breed that originated in russia.

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