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Young Bengal Movement Year

Derozio got a very short life of 23 years but he opened a new world to his students they clutched the honesty and struggle against the superstitions and injustice so he is the founder of bengali renesans. The extreme anglicism with with young bengal was alleged was ridiculed most strongly by the traditionalists.

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Besides this he edited hesperus and calcutta literary gazette.

Young bengal movement year. The young bengal thought that the caste system in hindu religion is the prime cause of all kind of injustice and superstation besides it was considered as the inhuman and cause of breaching of all the rights so they campaigned among the people and appealed to the government to abolish this worst system moreover they campaigned for hindu widow marriage abolition of child marriage which. During the late 1820s and early 1830s there was emergence of a radical and intellectual trend among the youth in bengal which came to be known as the young bengal movement. The young bengal movement peripherally included christians such as reverend alexander duff 1806 1878 who founded the general assembly s institution and his students like lal behari dey 1824 1892 who went on to renounce hinduism.

The young bengal movement. In 1875 rajnarayan basu s dry comment that the light of the west had turned their heads can be veiwed as a representation of opinions about young bengal within its contemporaries. A radical trend arose among the bengal intellectuals during 1802 30.

The society for the acquisition of general knowledge was established on 20 february 1838 by young bengal group where they discussed various aspects of western science and stood for a number of social reforms such as the prohibition of caste taboos child marriage kulin polygamy or the ban on widow remarriage. Young bengal movement was launched by henry louis vivian derozio 1809 1831 who had come to calcutta in 1826 and was appointed in the hindu college as a teacher of english literature and history. Henry louis vivian derozio was one of these great individuals who became a legendary figure in his lifetime for his masterful teaching humanistic rationalism and for triggering intellectual radicalism among his students of the hindu college who later became known as young bengal or derozians sarkar 1979 de 1932 lucas 1934 sarkar 1979 derozio by his formal teachings informal discussions and debates attempted to inculcate in the mind of the students the spirit of radicalism against.

The leader and inspirer was the young anglo indian henry vivian derozio who taught at hindu college from 1826 1831. History of india part 2. During late 1820 s and early 1830 s there was a young bengal movement launched in calcutta by a radical intellectuals known as derozians emerging from hindu college they were known as derozians after their teacher henry louis vivian derozio who led the movement first nationalist poet of modern india.

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