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American Curl Mix

This mix may feature a flat lying coat that is silky soft and lustrous. Use petfinder to find adoptable pets in your area.

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The rugas named her shulamith after the.

American curl mix. The color possibilities are blue chocolate cream lilac red and black. An interesting aspect of the story is that rosalie looks like a maine coon x american curl hybrid and a tortoiseshell. American curl mix muchkin mix breed.

American curl mixes are popular because of the likelihood of the genes from the known breed being predominant. The american curl originated in june 1981 as a spontaneous genetic mutation in the domestic cat population. It was born of a natural genetic mutation that first appeared in shulamith a stray black kitten with long silky hair and strangely ears that curled backward.

May is an adoptable cat exotic shorthair american curl mix searching for a forever family near kenosha wi. This beautiful and friendly cat comes from lakewood calfornia and is one of the youngest breeds in the world. In june 1981 two cats with ears that curled backwards arrived on the doorstep of a couple in lakewood california.

The american curl is one of the youngest cat breeds. Animaux funny kitties animal. The appearance very much supports this assessment.

The breed originated in lakewood california as the result of a spontaneous mutation. The american curl is a distinctive domestic cat characterized by its unique wispy ears that curl back creating an alert and elegant look similar to that of a wild lynx. They became popular in 1983 and by 1986 they were recognized by three of the largest north american cat registries.

Was she left out in freezing rain and abandoned. She found her way to the welcoming door of joe and grace ruga in lakewood california. The american curl is a breed of cat characterized by its unusual ears which curl back from the face toward the center of the back of the skull.

Friends for life rescue network on instagram. Maine coon american curl hybrid mix. You can trace the kinkalow back to the 90s when terri harris cross bred the american curl with the munchkin and as a result this new breed of cats was born.

An american curl s ears should be handled carefully because rough handling may damage the cartilage in the ear. American shorthair kitten british shorthair funny cats animals. He didn t expect this breeding experiment to be a success but because the parents passed down to the offspring the best features they had the short legs and curled ears the new.

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